The Finders group adopts best practice environmental management techniques from the wider mining community, particularly Australian standards of operation, in managing environmental issues at all its project areas.

In each of the project areas, the group has engaged reputable independent consultants to undertake extensive environmental studies, including base line studies, design of monitoring programmes and rehabilitation.

Projects are subject to relevant environmental regulation in Indonesia and will themselves have varying levels and types of potential impact on the natural environment.  At Wetar, the location has historical degradation from former gold mining operations and the baseline reflects water quality in an area of acid rock drainage and former gold mining activities, monitoring activities are conducted under the auspices of an approved environmental permit and all environmental studies and on-going monitoring results are reported on a quarterly basis to the relevant Indonesian authorities.

The group is required to comply with Indonesian laws and regulations regarding environmental matters, including disturbance and rehabilitation issues and the discharge of hazardous waste and materials.