The Company regards it relationship with the local community as a fundamental measure of success of the project and has developed a 15 year plan aimed at assisting the local people achieve long-lasting benefits. Apart from priority local employment and skills training and personal development associated with employment, the Company has encouraged development of local businesses, assisted with health and education programs and has completed a number of infrastructure projects.

  • The results of our collaboration with both the local villages and the local government have been encouraging.
  • Local supplies now account for a substantial part of the Company’s monthly food bill. 60% of our local supplies are derived from sources previously not available on the island.
  • For the first time in 12 years, immunization was completed for mothers and children throughout the island.
  • Rice is now grown at Wetar’s first rice paddy in the village of Uhak.

The Company also supports charitable foundations for each of the villages by means of a levy on locally sourced goods. The charities are managed by the villagers and provide for scholarships, teacher training, micro-finance schemes, agricultural training and clean water and sanitation programs. For more information:  The Company works closely with the following groups:

Agricultural Planning Winrock International
Malaria Project Vista Diagnostics International:

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